Fish dying in the Bagmane Lake

As I was walking to my company I happened to notice a lot of dead fish along the sides of the Bagmane Lake. Recently, I read a report in some newspaper about fish dying in lakes because of the amount of organic waste dumped into them by nearby buildings. The eutrophication resulting from the dumping of the untreated waste was what was said to be the cause of the problem.

For the past few weeks I have been noticing a putrid smell coming from the lake. Wonder whether the waste is causing this…


5 thoughts on “Fish dying in the Bagmane Lake

    • I did consider that. But, it seems that this is a common problem with all the lakes in Bangalore. Also, I think, some newspaper did publish an article about this sometime. I think more than reporting this incident, what remains to be done is to take action.

    • Yes. It seems that some employees had taken note of it and opened discussions about it on their company forums. But, the official line is that this is a regular occurrence during summer and it can’t be helped.

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