Cycling to IISc

3 weeks ago, I cycled from my place CV Raman Nagar to IISc on Manjeri’s Firefox Roadrunner. I greatly enjoyed the trip which not only refreshed me but also made me realize the difference that a good cycle can make to the overall experience.

The distance is around 12-15 kms. But, I chose a slightly more circuituous route as I wanted to avoid traffic. The total distance according to Google Tracks came to around 17.8 kms. I did not feel any tiredness or experience any muscle strain when I got there as the cycle was a geared one. I went straight to Vaidyan’s room where I changed and freshened up.

After that with all my  friends there I went around the whole IISc campus on cycle and also visited the nearby ISKCON temple. I also visited Vaidyan’s lab and the various departments there. The cheap food and refreshments available all around the campus was a a great thing for me and I utilized the opportunity very well. I also bought a book of Short Stories by O Henry from the campus book stall where they offer a flat discount of 20 per cent on all books.

The next day being a Sunday, I started late after having breakfast since I wasn’t expecting much traffic. This time I cycled faster as I was more confident. Thanks to Vaidyan and the others at IISc for giving me a great weekend! Planning to make this a regular thing…

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