Today, I saw a tweet about Amazon having introduced a Free Tier for it’s AWS(Amazon Web Services).I followed the link, and that ended up in me spending the major portion of the day reading up on some of the latest and coolest stuff in the blogosphere. I just couldn’t resist it!

I recently bought an Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy 3) and since then, my level of engagement with the internet has gone up greatly. I now am always signed into chat, frequently monitor my blog while on the move, have my company and personal mail pushed to my phone, read whats new on my favorite sites using Google Reader, update my location and see where my friends are using Google Lattitude, look up stuff online, use Google calendar and my company calendar which are synced with my phone to remind me of stuff even when I am not at my computer, use twitter and buzz to keep track of  what my friends are doing, check whats “trending” on the real-time feeds etc. etc..

In short, I feel a little like I am becoming too connected with everything and everyone. It’s a good thing that I don’t use Facebook that much! Else, I would have been completely swamped.

Sometimes, I feel that the online world is becoming a little too “real” and the temptation to get lost in it is becoming stronger. Anyway, I must try and regulate my usage of these stuff a little. Keeping in touch with my old friends should not get in the way of building new relationships.


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  1. Wow.. Comprehensively written..

    Even I started using Facebook to play some games in it.. Then I started to feel like the whole stuff is like a BIG GAME TO PLAY. Unlike others games I played so far, this one had a whole bunch of players among my near and dear ones and put on a whole lot of details..

    The Last Paragraph in your blog seems to be the best take-out message ‘ever’ that I came across in this topic.. Cheers..

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