There are non-believers and skeptics out there

I occasionally read the very popular atheist blog Pharyngula and I recently happened to see this video posted there.

I happened to take note of it in the light of the recent shooting of a governor in Pakistan and other such religiously/ideologically motivated violence that we have been witnessing recently.

A lot of people are stuck in the rut of religion because of lack of visible support. Most people don’t realize that their beliefs are less in conflict with a Godless doctrine than with say another religion. The see all faiths in the same light as they do their’s and see faithlessness in a dead super-jew or in myths as a faith in itself. The most common argument that I hear everyone offer for religion is that everyone else believes in the same stuff. So, it can’t be without a reason. Actually, thats a pretty flawed argument. Most of the believers in the world have widely diverging and most of the time mutually incompatible beliefs.

Once, they get to see people who don’t believe in fancy fairy tales and are not ready to put their’s or any one else’s life on the line over an ideological disagreement, they will realize that it is something that they can easily agree to.

The reason the doubting people won’t come out with their questions is the climate of fear that religious leaders create to protect their institutions and the lack of organized movements and visible examples.

The most common image of an atheist that a religious person has in his mind is that of an amoral and unprincipled person who has no emotions, is pessimistic and does not see the need for good deeds. Over and above that there are the stories of atheists who eventually get into horrible situations, die and go to hell. When people see that there are a lot of good guys and girls out there who don’t belong to organized religions yet are responsible members of the society, they will feel more confident and willing to ask some questions that they have been raring to ask.

It’s always been my firm conviction that organized religions are evil and a negative force that will most likely be the undoing of our civilization. A sense of mystery and spiritual wonder is something that is innate in every child and religion is just dope that dulls these precious gifts.


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