On our way back from Jog falls we visited a place called Honnermaradu. It is on the banks of the huge Linganamakki reservoir. When the Sharavathi was dammed, a huge area was submerged under water. Honnermaradu was one such village which disappeared under the water. The reservoir is huge. Some one was saying it is 50X80 sq. km. If you stand on the banks and look, the water stretches on for as far as the eye can see. Its a pretty surreal experience.

The place is managed by The Adventurers club which is run by a couple Mr. Swamy and Ms.Namito. Mr.Swamy is a noted conservationist.. They provide  facilities to people who want to try their hand at water sports like Canoeing, Corralling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming and also other activities like camping and trekking. They also help people to study the surrounding places which are environmentally sensitive and are also home to some tribal villages. They do not operate it on a commercial basis and they solicit only people who are interested in nature and adventure.

All kinds of plastic and liquor are strictly banned and they don’t allow outsiders to take even a dip in the water. The result: a heavenly and pristine place where one can forget all about the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature.

A group had been sent off the day before we arrived at 1 am in the morning for having tried to consume liquor there. They were in a bit of a bad mood when we arrived because of that.

They took us for a free boat ride during which we talked to Dr. Swamy who was rowing the boat. During the conversation, he happened to mention that his son studies at the Center for Learning, Bangalore. I immediately remembered that “The Thumbi”  had come there for some conference. He works at the Sahyadri, Pune which I think, is a sister concern of the CFL. He was pretty impressed with us, I think, and offered us tea afterwards. We told them that we would come for a weekend sometime later to experience the place more thoroughly.

There is some useful information here which, anyone planning to visit the place can use. The important thing to remember is that you have to contact their office in Bangalore at least a week in advance as there are some formalities that need to be completed because of some naxal threat there. Also, plan for a full weekend there and transport to and from the place. The nearest place from where you can hire a taxi is Talaguppa, between Sagar and Jog falls.

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