It’s been so long since I last posted something… These breaks always happen whenever there are abrupt changes in my routine. For a while I get overwhelmed by everything and it takes a little time for me to adjust and to get on top of the situation. I miss sitting down and recording my thoughts every now and then. I hope I will be able to do it more consistently from now on.

The past few months have been so hectic I hardly get any time to do anything other than work. I was wondering how the others manage to have a life outside of work. I guess I just need to improve my time management skills and learn to do stuff in a time bound manner.

Meanwhile a lot of interesting things have been happening. We(Me, Febin, Gokul(the gay one), Das, Sajeer and Ashley) went for a trip to the Jog falls and Honnermardu in Shimoga. Very soon, I will be getting the photos from Das and hopefully, I will have the honor of posting it here. It was a pretty awesome trip and I think we managed to take some pretty good pictures from directly above the jog falls. After that I had gone on a trip to Nelliampathy with my cousins to celebrate the promotion of my cousin brother.

A lot of interesting things have been happening at work too and while I love writing about it, I think I should probably not do it in a public place.



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