Our Convocation

Last Saturday was our convocation. I, Ashley, Febin, Arjun and Vineeth reached Calicut the day before itself. In the morning, we went to college and saw all of our teachers. We had a lengthy talk with Layla madam and she told us about the new book that she had authored. It was very pleasant to walk around the college and try and remember the fun times that we had there.’

I also got to meet some of my juniors who would be joining TI next year. We then registered for the next days event and also got our cloaks which we kept in Ragesh’s room. After that we set out for Paragon as we were all very hungry.

I was tired and sick of the food at Bangalore and we were all determined to make the most of this opportunity. Pulimon  agreed to sponsor us. As we were starting Shafeeq also joined us. It was 5 O clock and we had had nothing since morning.

After a scary performance and 1600 rupees later, the waiter came and asked us whether we would be willing to settle for a dessert now. But, we refused the offer and braved on after loosening our belts. The final tally came to around 2.3k. Pretty impressive, considering that we had been out of form for several months.

Then I split up with the rest of the gang and headed to the hotel where my parents, who had come from Cochin to attend the convocation were staying. The hadn’t had anything to eat either. So… I took them to Paragon! The waiter looked mildly scared on seeing me again after just 20 mins.

After that I dropped them off at their hotel and headed out to the beach in the car where the rest of the gang were relaxing. After I got there, we together set off for Coffee Beanz which I had never visited before and had something called Hot Chocolate Brownie Icecream. After that we set off for Arjun’s place.

The next day was convo and everything went well. Everyone, except the Director, seemed to be happy about him leaving. The Dept. Of Science and Technology, Secretary was the Chief guest. After receiving the degree we all were treated to the worst tea ever!

It was nice to meet all of our friends again and talk to them in person.


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