Blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious.

Ha! Who hasn’t had such a moment in his/her life? I was watching a TED talk about how Design is in the Details and these words struck me. The video as is the case with most of the TED videos was very interesting. The content of the video is something that most of us sort of know of. But, it becomes bleeding obvious after we watch it.

When we do something, it is easy to do it with 90 per cent perfection. It is the remaining 10 per cent that is hard to achieve. To do that, we need to have an eye for detail and also the appetite for painstaking work with little visible effect. If we look at the most successful products in the market and at what differentiates them from the rest, we will realize that it is these tiny things that make them special.

Also, I was struck by the term “blinding glimpse”. It simply is so true! Some of the solutions to the biggest problems that we face are right before our own eyes. But, it takes a long time for us to realize it. Also, the importance of the way we see things to realizing their potential is also stressed in the video.

All that in a space of 15 mins!? Amazing…


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