Today, I had 3 hours of Analog Training by KRK Rao. It felt like brain-f**k to me. Left and right, guys were belting out answers and I was hating myself more and more with every passing minute. The class was very impressive and focussed on knowing circuits at a more intuitive level. But, I guess, I am a slow learner and it will take some time for me to know things as well as I want to know them. Our teacher is a highly respected professor and is also widely considered to be a “God” of everything analog. Despite his knowledge and skill, he is a very down to earth and sincere person and took great pains to try and explain the intricacies of the field to us.

It was one of the very few classes in my life, in which I hung on despite some of the stuff bouncing off my head. I was struck by his style and power and also by the skill of the guys sitting around me. These were seriously smart guys. It is going to take a lot of self-torture and work to stay put here.

After the class, I was feeling a bit down and I decided that some humor would do me a lot of good. So, I opened up Conservapedia and started going through some of the articles. Then I came across this incredibly funny article.

It cited some “studies” which said that Atheists suffer from a mild form of Asperger’s Autism, a form of high functioning autism. They are intelligent, socially awkward and generally anti-social. The site also says that women hate atheists and that most of the atheists are men.

After all this, it then goes on to say that atheists lack “manliness” and are trying to make up for it by challenging God.

It also offers help to atheists who want to marry members of the opposite sex.

It’s not just a figment of my imagination, it seems atheists truly are socially autistic by their own report. Asperger’s Syndrome is a disorder described as “autistic psychopathy” by its discoverer, Dr. Hans Asperger. Those with the disorder tend to be intelligent, socially awkward and difficult to converse with. They are also likely to be male.
It was so funny that in no time I found myself in a jolly mood again. Sometimes, I wonder whether these guys are in fact serious. They say that Wikipedia is “biased” and that the above stuff  presents a  better picture of the truth.

If these guys keep at it for long enough, very soon, online humor sites might go out of business…

Here is a short list of mentally damaged atheists. It does not include agnostics or other such people.


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