A day out…

On Sunday, we went to some place called KR Market in Bangalore to book some bus tickets. The whole place looked liked a meteor had landed there. There were deep rents in the earth here and there. The roads were choked with buses and people and cows and dung and what not. Very soon, my eyes were itching from the dust and smoke and the noise was giving me a headache. After booking the tickets we decided to visit the IISc where some of our friends and our professor was studying.

It took some time and a lot of begging to get into the campus as the security was very tight. Vaidyan helped us a lot here and we thanked him by ragging him endlessly. When I went inside I was awestruck by the beauty and serenity of the campus. It was at least 2-3 degrees cooler inside and absolutely silent. Walking through the tree lined roads under the shade of their branches brought back images of the elvish havens described in The Lord of the Rings to my mind. One can see easily feel the 100 yr old history weighing heavily down on oneself. Standing before the main building with the statue of Jamshedji Tata facing it one cannot help but wonder at the vision and wisdom of that man. All the buildings are very small and the style is very understated. They don’t stick out. Instead they blend in with the surroundings.

I felt like walking around for at least a few hours. But, it was growing dark and there was also a slight drizzle. I decided that I would visit the campus  again. It was such a pleasant change from the rush and pollution of Bangalore.

When you see so much greenery and strange varieties of trees, it deeply moves and touches you. It is easy to get lost in oneself and forget about everything when you are close to nature. All that delicate beauty and balance is deeply fascinating. I have had this same feeling when once watching a machine bonding a die to the lead-pads( I know it sounds funny). A small needle holding a Gold thread was rapidly moving from pad to lead soldering and stitching and cutting, all done so quickly, with so much grace and precision. The only difference between the two was I guess, one was complexity that was not designed and the other was complexity that was designed.

The fact that the designer in the second case was itself not designed is even more striking. So, in a way, I guess, one could argue that even the machine was a product of simple rules operating continuously and mindlessly.


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