Nikola Tesla – Master Of Lightning

How cool a sobriquet is that!!?? He was called that because he made giant bolts of lightning on a scale that hasn’t been replicated to date. He also conducted a number of other freak experiments and mad-scientist kind of stuff. I was reading about this great man here, and I was simply overwhelmed. Calling this person a genius would be an understatement. He is almost singly responsible for all modern day electrical technology(AC based) and systems that made the industrial era possible..

His achievements are almost surreal. His scale of doing things was grand and his mental capacities almost God-like. Everyone who aspires to be an engineer should read about him.I won’t risk trying to do things his way. He had a steel-trap memory and a freakishly superb capacity to visualize things in his mind and come up with perfect designs the first time. If he had a chance to say something like Edison’s “Genius is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration” quote, he would have said, “Genius is 95% inspiration and 5% perspiration”.

The feud between Tesla and Edison is extremely interesting to study. Their difference in style and how the struggle was conducted is worth a read.

Nikola Tesla had a highly competitive nature and this led him to write a poem that has at best been described as “strange”. The poem is titled Fragments of Olympian Gossip. Maybe engineers have an inherent tendency to breakdown ideas and things and they should probably stay away from doing things that require abstract thought. Though he was no great shot at poetry he was highly proficient in several languages and used to write a lot.


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