“During your last days you will begin to believe”. I said, No, dear Sir, it shall not be. I will think that to be an act of degradation and demoralization on my part. For selfish motives I am not going to pray. Readers and friends, “Is this vanity”? If it is, I stand for it.

Bhagat Singh (1930)

Someone recommended the article Why Am I An Atheist? by Bhagat Singh to me. While most of the things mentioned in it were already known to me, the brevity and force of the article was striking indeed. And also, it must be kept in mind that it was written 80 years ago.  It was far more difficult to access information and scientific works back then.

One would have thought that the dawn of the internet and the subsequent information age would have completely obliterated childish fancies arising from man’s tendency to see intention similar in nature to his own behind things. (This phenomenon when studied in a scientific manner is called pareidolia.) But, instead, what we find is a world where people seem to have gotten lost in the sea of information. In their bewilderment they are clinging to the past with deathlike panic.

The media and the internet is used as much for propagation of perfect crap as it is used as a repository of human wisdom. If anything, the divisions between rival religions and reason have become deeper and more inflamed, fueled in part by the above mentioned tools. I was watching a documentary called 2012  and the World Changes that was aired by The History Channel. It was such a sh*t-mountain that I stopped 5 mins into the video and quickly skipped through it to see how bad it was. It was about how the Mayans predicted that the world would come to an end by 2012. A lot of “experts” were consulted in the video and data collated from several “authoritative” religious texts were used to backup the prediction. When a channel with such a pretentious name airs this kind of amazingly brain-dead programs how can people trust the media? The History Channel has aired other stupid programs as well. Their quality is dreadful. But, guess what? People love it and they want more of it. I can see no other reason why this channel even exists.


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