The noble things!

When we look all around us we see all sorts of people with a mind boggling variety of skills and abilities. Some of these skills are classified as nobler and more exotic than the others. For example painting is generally considered a more noble gift than the ability to cook or butcher meat. Sensitivity and an emotional disposition is generally valued despite the fact that such qualities are more or less useless from a purely survival point-of-view. Similarly, men who are not subtle in their approach to women find themselves turned away.

Well, I was thinking why man evolved the so called higher qualities at all and what their role is in bestowing a survival advantage on humans. It turns out that nature is not the only guy exerting evolutionary pressure on humans. Beyond a point sexual selection pressures are more prominent and intra species competition really kicks in.

What some people are saying is, this whole civilization, art, music, literature and etc. etc. were all probably just a giant right-wing conspiracy to start with, hatched by a bunch of puny hunters to try and get laid. Infact, I came across an article that suggested that cave painting was started by males and that their initial purpose seems to have been just to impress the females. That actually makes sense. After all it doesn’t take a trillion neurons to figure out that dancing to a silly tune is easier than trying to slay a woolly mammoth. It is also more likely that you will end up having babies and not end up as an unwilling chappal of a hairy beast.

Whatever may be the cause of evolution of humans’ so called higher abilities, there is no denying that it is a source of great joy and everlasting beauty. This is just another example of something having evolved for a particular purpose and then eventually being used for something unrelated. Man might have learned to write poetry to impress the next-door cave-girl. But, now we have males and females and everything in between who really enjoy doing the same thing for it’s own sake.


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