Complete works of Kahlil Gibran

For the past 2 days I have been immersed in this book. I finished The Prophet, The Wanderer, Sand and Foam, The Madman and the Forerunner. It was the most profound and spiritual experience that I have had in quite a while. Normally, when you read a book, you tend to need a break after a while to process the information. But this is one book which you don’t have to “process”! Everything inside it is stuff that you or your rational mind knows. All it does is, it expresses it in a way that will help it reach your intuitive “inner” self. You can feel what you know and you can relate to it in terms of emotions and mental imagery.

Most people who argue for religion talk about a need to appreciate the unknown and to be in awe of some deep mystery. They think that Science or secular literature is too cold and sterile and that there is something dehumanising about it. But, it is hard to hold such an opinion once you read this book. It makes fun of man’s narrowness and childish fancies in a subtle but powerful way and gently prods us to think about the bigger picture. Besides that the number of meanings that some passages have is truely amazing. Like any other work of art it is something that becomes more attractive with each reading.

The passages about love, friendship, nature, perspectives, God, marriage and power are ones that can make even the most dense person sit down and think. I am happy that I discovered this book now. I have time on my hands and no worries. If I had missed this book due to the rigors of a professional life, it would have been a real loss. I am looking forward to reading the remaining books in the volume.


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