The tweaking comes to an end… finally!

I was busy working overtime to make the Lucid Lynx installation better. Eventually, it all paid off nicely. The system is now officially broken. I finished compiling a post-mortem report. As is usual with Linux affected systems, it  is inconclusive. The system initially failed to log on. Then it logged on, but the interface was unresponsive to mouse clicks. The other terminals were fine.

Then, I went into recovery mode, dropped into a root shell and deleted the default keyring in an attempt to resest a possibly corrupt password. That did work. But, the system was still unresponsive.

I decided that there was not much use trying to fix it and installed a fresh copy. Now, I have MS Office 2007, VMware player, HP officejet All-In-One, mail, calenders, java, flash, prism and the media players  all properly configured and running smoothly. I am trying hard to fight the urge to try out more stuff. Hope I win!


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