Finished reading A Brief History of Time a second time!

Nowadays, I have got plenty of time on my hands. Today, I finally decided to go through the book which had been lying around for more than a month now. It was only after I was halfway through  I realized that I had already read the book.

It is a nice book. When you realize that it is written by a scientist working on the bleeding edge of modern physics your admiration for Hawking just increases. The book is highly readable, simple to understand and engaging. Hardly the qualities you would expect from a book written by a theoretical physicist. You can read the book several times and each time you do it, it is almost certain that you are going to learn something new.

Towards the end I was starting to feel lucky about being an engineer. After all, I don’t have to come up with anything useful or particularly original to earn a living. The book really tells you how difficult it is to be a scientist.


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