All good things must come to an end, for the awesome things to start!

Leaving a place and people behind forever is always sad. What you feel is a sense of irredeemable loss. At the time of parting, memories rush through our minds and sometimes overwhelm us.

All of us to some extent desire stability, routine and familiarity with our surroundings and people. When that is threatened, we all feel a little scared.

But, we never consider the possibility of looking at it in 2 ways. What  if the world we are entering into is going to be exciting and challenging? What about the new people that we are going to meet? What about the new places we are going to visit and the new things that we are going to learn? Why is it that our brains always calculate the losses before the potential gains?

Maybe it is because we feel that what we just went through is something that we can never experience again. We will never be so carefree. Never have such innocent and caring friendships. Never get to sleep in classes. Never sit around and talk crap all night and cut classes and sleep all morning. Never experience the excitement  of being a part of a Tathva or a Ragam. We will never again be forgiven for our mistakes.

We have become adults and the time to take responsibility for our actions and face the consequences when we do stupid things has dawned on us. All these sudden changes are scary enough. But they also bring a sense of excitement, danger and adventure with them.

I personally hope that I will rise to the challenge and face it like a “grown up”! This college, the memories, knowledge, perspective and friendships that I have gained in these last 4 years will I hope stand me in good stead to face the Big-Bad-World with courage and determination. I hope I will win and return home triumphantly one day and then I will get to ponder over all my happy memories for the remaining days of my life.


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