nitcfreethinkersforum membership exploding!

I checked out the membership details of the free thinker’s forum and found out that it had increased to 6 including the admin, within 6 days. This was very heartening for me.  At this rate, I calculated that within 70 days or so the whole world will become part of it.

On a more serious note, I realized that it was very difficult to collect and organize people according to what they don’t believe in. After all, what can possibly be discussed at such a meeting?  At best we can sit around and point our fingers at others and laugh. But that is pretty dumb and pointless.

Compare that to a prayer meeting where everyone believes in the same lie and thus have something in common. They sit around and talk crap about their family, friends and just about everyone they know except the ones that are sitting there. At the end of it some of them close their eyes and think of nothing. Then they start giving out advice saying that it is from God. As if that is going to make it sound less dumb! Then they again thank God and go back to their dull boring lives armed with new advice pulled from thin air.

I don’t think free thinking or for that matter skepticism can be propagated. It is something that people should develop on their own. Only when someone feels that he is mentally ready to jump off the back of pre-processed beliefs and take responsibility for his or her thoughts, actions and beliefs can he do it.


3 thoughts on “nitcfreethinkersforum membership exploding!

  1. Hey, i never knew you were so bad at mathematics. If it is 6 in 6 days, how can it be the whole world in 70 days?

  2. “Hey, i never knew….”
    Well, you never knew a lot of things Vaidya,

    btw, I don’t know whether you have heard of the term exponential growth. That is how membership numbers which depend on word-of-mouth to increase are modeled.
    If you expect to understand it you are going to have to get a major brain surgery first. Congrats on the self-goal… again!

  3. >>I don’t think free thinking or for that matter skepticism can be propagated. It is something that people should develop on their own.

    Sabu, you hit the nail right on the head. We are forming NITC Free Thinkers Community not with a vision to propagate skepticism, but to provide a platform for discussion for those who are already initiated, as I believe many people of our age to be.

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