Pleasures of experimental science!

Today was the submission date of our Embedded Systems Lab assignment. The morning was spent in hectic work which involved calling the juniors and asking them where they had kept the programs and writing the file names down and… well, its a long story!

After the morning classes someone had this incredibly bright idea, I think it was AKP(oracle of useless insights and inspirations), that we should go to the lab and makes sure that the juniors had done their job well. You can’t always burden the teacher with ensuring quality. Once we got there, I and Thumbi immediately busied ourselves with testing the usefulness of spinning chairs in simulating the effects of alcohol ingestion. After trying it out on each other several times, we found that the effects were satisfactory for several seconds.

Difficulty in walking coupled with general confusion, nausea, euphoria which manifests in stupid and unstoppable laughing etc. were observed. But the duration of the effects was found wanting. On the upside, no sedative effects were discovered. I think that we might be close to saving 6000 crore rupees every year in Kerala using our studies. Just to avoid any subjective influences we tried it out on Kambi and Das as well.

Kambi: Was too scared to even get up until several seconds elapsed. But the stupid giggling and confusion was observed, though these could have been  pre-existing qualities.

Das: A textbook perfect experiment and all parameters were validated thoroughly.

After all this, I and Thumbi decided that we had done too much technical work for the day and left immediately. Kambi and the others stayed behind because … I really don’t know why! They seemed to be exactly as stupid as before when the evaluation came.

When the time for demonstration came, I realized that life was devoid of all meaning and that modern civilization and it’s dependence on Embedded Systems was just pointless. So, I decided to stay behind and watch Friends, again! But the others convinced me that higher powers wanted me to do the demonstration and that if I didn’t fulfil my purpose I would be reborn as a leech. Despite the lack of conclusive studies comparing the happiness levels of engineers and leaches, I decided to stick with the familiar. So, I went.

When I went to the lab, luckily, all the kits were used up and I got a chair to sit on. Bhakthi was as usual trying to pretend that he was smart and walked up to the teacher. Then he looked around with admirable scorn and said that he was expecting to see something more high tech. “Expecting…? You haven’t been to the lab before, have you?! …. hmmm -2 marks(muttered) !”, said Layla ma’m. “Pardon!?”, enquired bhakthi. “Someone just did something very stupid! I will get back to you soon!”, said Layla ma’m.

Looking very pleased he went back to his chair and said only one more stupid thing during the next three mins. We “partnered” with another group and demonstrated our project in a highly concise manner after which we were off.

We were all thoroughly exhausted and I am hoping that these difficult times will stand me in good stead for my job.


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