The plight of the wounded in the battle of the sexes

Today one of my friends(I will reconsider this later) walked into my room to have a chat. We talked about this and that and eventually we got to the topic of women. Now, this guy from his first  year used to walk around behind other girls trying to convince them that he was boyfriend material. Some of them laughed it off right away while others resorted to crueller and more subtle tactics.

After discovering that subtlety doesn’t work unless you are being cruel he decided to make one last-ditch attempt at finding the love of his life. But again, the whole plan blew up spectacularly in his hands and left him with brain damage due to radiation from his mobile and the gratitude of two different phone companies. Neither of them was as he found out later particularly useful. Atleast from his point of view.

Eventually he gave it all up and decided that puppy-love is for puppies and that he would be a man and concentrate on his studies.

So, there he was sitting there bitching about how malicious, calculating and utterly clever that the women at NITC were in misusing their endangered status to try and break the deadlock of dominance that men have established here with their sheer brilliance and hard work(his opinion, not mine!), he said that he was tired of all this.

He then said that he had found out on that some men had decided to give up the battle and decided to opt for the path of peace and become gay. At this point the others, especially thumbi, looked mildly scared and started thinking about how best to secure their rooms at night. Our hero then walked away dejectedly saying that he too was thinking about “peace”.

And “peaceful” as the ending may sound, this is a sad story. I sincerely do pray for the casualties of the battle and hope that there are an even number of them…


3 thoughts on “The plight of the wounded in the battle of the sexes

    • Good guess! But, no. Das never got as far as spending long periods on the phone with anyone, not even another “wounded” guy! Btw, he is not that pleased that someone thought it was him…

  1. Sabu, thanks for replying for me while I was busy conducting events, something more worthwhile than reading a blog (btw, gud one!) and not understanding a word of it! Some people need to seriously recheck their IQ, many wouldn’t disagree that it has rusted after coming to this college. For someone outside our classroom, this blog might seem hard to crack, but for us within the four walls to figure out who he is, it’s like finding out a coconut from a bunch of eggs! Just for clarification, this blog refers to someone who was a kozhi in his first year and who got emotionally confused by an NITC gal. Period. Sadly, I completely mismatch the above criteria. The only similarity I could gather between me and the blog was about possessing 2 SIMs, which ironically, even Sabu has!

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