Fresh bucket-loads of crap

Check out this site which gives out “warnings” against vaccines and teaches people how to treat their kids’ 107 degree fevers with high potency homoeo meds.Notice how the warning part is loaded with scientific studies interpreted in a kind of twisted way and once the homoeo part starts then it is always, “It seems that.. a lot of bs…. the vital force… more bs…. doesn’t work?… try diluting more!… still doesn’t work?… you probably got the symptoms wrong, ask your baby to write it down better….nope?…  the kids vital force is just badly screwed over! “.

Nowhere does it ask parents to seek professional medical help  before wasting valuable time and putting the baby in unnecessary pain.

See this link to check out a homoeo professor who killed his baby by withholding meds for eczema, a simple treatable condition. They are not evil. Failure of rationality… again!

Check out this site by a guy who has been in this business for 30 yrs… railing against vaccines and suggesting vaccines made from the puzz of a pimple on a spider’s behind instead.

Mediums and Psychics

Just check out what the professional illusionists have to say about mind reading and “talking with the dead”, stuff. Not entirely unexpectedly, mind reading is a skill most humans naturally have. That’s how Mom knows that you don’t open your books, even though you don’t write it down on a poster and stick it to your bedroom door.


Every year we all have millions of people flocking to temples, pastors, places of pilgrimage, curse-busters, voodoo dudes etc.. hoping for a cure to their diseases. Again the same laws of statistics, placebo effect and the holy spirit(tequila, whisky etc.)  or unholy spirits(brandy, rum etc.) are used to create orgies of mass hysteria, conversion phenomena etc..

Exorcisms and other psychic phenomena

Every culture and/or religion has some sort of method to replace LSD and crack. That’s why Alcoholics Anonymous recommends it to all addicts, as it is sometimes cheaper than drugs. A lot of us have watched the film Exorcism of Emily Rose, a pretty strong reminder of how unreasoning belief installed in our minds at a young age can explode, sometimes in very ugly ways. It is kind of ironic that parents who teach their kids religion also leave them open to going bonkers after playing Ojho board.


It is also worth noting that there is a 1 million dollar prize for anyone who can succesfully demonstrate “paranormal” phenomena(whatever that means…!). Check out the James Randi Educational Foundation site.

For those who want  to check on more stuff, is a nice site.


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