A poem by anonymous

You were lying asleep
An unassuming piece of bamboo
Lifeless but beautiful yet
Misleading in your simple appearance.

I picked you up
In the hope of bringing to life
Your sweet soothing voice
By lending my breath of life.

But stubborn you proved
As I blew in vain
For I didn’t know you
Well enough for you to respond.

I kept at it humbly,
Touching you, feeling you,
Trying to understand you,
So that you’d sing for me.

Slowly, a note at a time,
You warmed up to me
As my breath began
Striking chords in your heart

Words cannot describe
My delight when finally
You replied to me

In your sweet soothing voice

I don’t know about you guys… but the above poem sounds gay… very gay!! I have tried to find out who the author is and try and convince him about the moral turpitude of writing gay poems before God sends hellfire and burns down our whole hostel. The author is obviously someone who is entirely uninterested in the workings of the world and spends his waking hours trying to scare away the mosquitoes with the “soothing voices”. I wonder who the guy is.


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