Seminar over!!

For the first time in a long time, I have achieved something concrete. My seminar was on Thursday and it went off without too many hitches. My topic was Context Switching Reconfigurable Computing. The topic was very easy and therefore I did not have to resort to the usual mumbling, using cryptic language and gesturing excessively to hide my ignorance.

I had arranged for Gokul to ask a particular question as I wanted to make it seem as if some people were interested in my topic. As it turned out, that was quite unnecessary. All the sleeping beauties jumped at the chance to ask questions (and get marks) about my easy topic. Most of them were in a state of coma during and after Sangeetha and Sareena’s seminar on something wireless. The questions as usual included a pretty dumb one from AKP (  about using a Reconfigurable Supercomputer to replace your LAN card…). Thumbi as is customary was thinking with his eyes closed and head on the desk. Anyway I am happy at the way things turned out.

Sameer Sir was too tired and decided not to burst my bubble of happiness(hope the bubble stays intact even after receiving the grade card). I may post the presentation and report here. Maybe I will be able to save a little effort for some poor lazy soul somewhere…


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