POM Imposition

Last Friday, I had missed that night’s sleep because of the bleeding mosquitoes and so couldn’t attend the first two hours. I decided to attend the POM hour which was third. As it turned out, that was a very bad decision.

During the incredibly boring seminar, I was busy wasting paper under the guise of completing of my notes. Towards the end of the hour, I put my head down for a second out of habit. It was a pretty stupid thing to do. Immediately I was caught and handed down an imposition. The whole seminar – 20 times!!!

I just cannot put down how impossibly hard it is, to sit down and do something so absolutely meaningless, unnecessary and wasteful. I have already been through two pens which I was planning to use until the end of my engineering education and some 35 or so sheets of paper. I have some 5 more times to write. I was planning to use this time to complete my notes and EI assignment. Now, that is not going to happen.

I learned an important lesson from this episode… Never forget to use All-Out!

I just hope that someone gets a bigger imposition so that I can feel better…


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