Major project idea!

We had come up with a major project idea on the morning of the final date for submission of the abstract which was 21 Friday.

The idea was to make a GSM network capable wearable device that was capable  of warning a predetermined set of people in case of an emergency via SMS or calls. It is intended mainly for old people who are prone to falls, collapsing and other similar accidents which can make the person incapable of seeking help on his/her own.

The fine details of the project are not solid yet. I talked to Dhanaraj Sir about it today and also did a bit of poking around on the net to sort out the GSM network part…

I hope that we didnt make a bad choice! Anyway, the exams start tommorrow and I am tired from all the card games and walking  around and resting… I gotta get some shuteye now! I will need all my wits around me for Acct. and Finance.


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