The end of an Epoch!

Its been a long while since I have been bored enough to write down stuff here. After the rout that was last sem and the two months after that which I spent in deep contemplation of the titanic fiasco that had just gotten over,  I am finally getting some time to record the happenings of the past three months.

S6 was undoubtedly the suckiest sem ever. With 6 subjects, 2 heavyweight labs, min project, lab reports, MDC etc… it was also the busiest sem ever. But, what I hated most about it all was the torture that was MDC and the absolute lack of  time for anything at all. I have always liked to study. Even if I as performing badly and had a lot of portions to cover, I still liked to sit down and study because I always saw the application of what I was studying and always made a special effort to study things the right way. I have for long enjoyed the benefits of this strategy.

But last sem, not only was I utterly disoriented by the number of things to do, I was also finding it extremely hard to like MDC. I believe that the subject in it’s present form must be eliminated from the syllabus. I don’t thing anyone can become any wiser by mugging up a huge collection of cryptic formulae and then applying them to solve problems without knowing much about how they came about or how they are applied in the design and operation of the various devices for which they have been derived. By learning too many meaningless equations, we end up not knowing about what the various devices that are involved in the operation of Microwave systems actually do. A classic case of missing the forest for the trees.

It was for the first time in my life that I found myself so lethargic, and that too on the day before the exam in spite of knowing that it would take nothing short of a miracle to save me. I then realised that I could never do anything in my life that I did not want to, no matter what the consequences. And I now know for sure that MDC comes very late in my list of things that I want to do.

But, somehow through a combination of luck and human kindness I managed an E grade. I don’t know what I would have done if I had failed. I still have nightmares about doing MDC all over again with my juniors.

Our Mini – Project

Among the few useful things that I enjoyed doing last sem was our project which was a USB Host Controller implemented using an Atmega 32. While it was indeed a bit too big for a mini-project, we had fun doing it and learned a lot of stuff about the USB protocol and also about the Atmega32. Eventhough we couldnt demonstrate the working project, we managed to get an A-grade. There were just three groups that managed to get an A-grade and that made me even more happier. We did the bulk of the work during the last 5 days after the exam and it was the scariest, toughest and ironically also the most fun time that we ever had. We went night out for 5 consecutive days and survived on coffee made using Kundi’s instant coffee on an electric kettle. All we thought about and did was the project and it was an incredible experience.

I found that even I, who had difficulty staying up for more than 6 consecutive hours could so easily forego sleep when I really liked what I was doing. It was a revealing experience and in many ways one of the most important thing that I learned during last sem.

But, the most exciting part came after the demo. We were so exhausted and happy and excited about the hols and anxious to get home and looking forward to the mega treat all at the same time. It was an awesome feeling. Despite our tiredness we managed to drag ourselves to the city and had a meal at Seaqueen. While the food itself was just average, we enjoyed the sea breeze and and the time spent on the beach, walking without any burdens and enjoying our new found freedom from misery, oppression and MDC. But some of us were already starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation and everybody was in a cntemplative mood except for Arjun who was worried about the small size  of his steak.

And meanwhile I and Kudiyan made a quick trip back to the city to get some beer. It was fun too. After we got back we all had a bath and with my head already spinning, we all sat down and finished off the beer and then went for a walk to the OAT. THE FREEDOM WALK. It was such an awesome feeling to be under a perfectly starry night with nothing  to do and so absolutely tired. We all sat and talked for some time and slowly fell into a deep sleep and I dreamt of mosquitoes, beer and microwave devices.  We all woke up at different times and made our way back to our rooms. It was the longest walk ever in my life. It seemes as if I would never get there. The same thing was reported by all of the others. Now I know why drunkards like to sleep on the pavement.


The next day we submitted out report. We had requested a certificate from the department of Electrical engg. instead of Electronics. We also changed the name of our HOD and misspelt the name of our guide. There were also a few million other mistakes. And on top  of all that, we got six copies of them printed and submitted them to our coordinator who was Raghu Sir who at that happened to be with our guide.

After having a few heart laughs Raghu Sir said that we could submit the report on or before the 15th. All in all, the whole experience was one fantastic ride from start to finish.

Fate  is a BI**H!

The results

I managed a mighty 7.17. Just enough to make me a 7 pointer. Now my CGPA is 7.99. How is that for luck? If I had managed a grade up,  in any one subject I could have become an 8 pointer and choosen one of the M.Tech electives instead of Wireless which is kinda heavier.

The monsoons have failed, and now… the placements!!??

Just when it’s time for our placements, the global financial system decides to shut down completely and plunge the whole world into one of the deepest recessions ever. And what perfect timing. Last year our seniors were walking around with several jobs apiece and now!!?? a grand total 0f 4 have been placed in our department. Now I am going to have to make a lot of tough decisions. Whether to prepare for GRE and GATE or just do my regualar course work thoroughly.

I still do hope that the whole world will suddenly come to an end and I will be spared of all these troubles. But, like they say, you always need to have a plan B.


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