Making Reports using Latex

For this Ragam(’09) I had several weighty responsibilities which included guarding the pepsi bottles belonging to the food committee in my room. But I had somehow, put aside some time for doing a DSPLAB report using Latex through some classic time management techniques that I learned at NITC.
When I decided to get down to doing the report, the first thing that I needed to decide was which editor to use. A quick visit to ubuntu forums and I was able to learn that there were 2 popular editors called Kile and Lyx. But, to use Kile, you have to know a little bit of Latex to start with. Some of my friends did the whole report in Latex and they say its easy enough.
Anyway, I was too lazy to do that, so I decided to use a word processor like software that would take care of all the messy work and leave me free to type a lot of unconnected and more or less useless stuff. It would take care of making it look good. I liked the arrangement very much.
Lyx is a 140 MB download using the package manager and using it is a piece of cake. You just have to type the material and for the equations, there is a Math  toolbar that is very intuitive to use. But I did notice 2 very funny problems that irked me in the beginning. When I tried copying and pasting stuff into Lyx, the paste option was greyed out. Now, anyone who has anything to do with engineering education should know that this is a show stopper. Again back to ubuntu forums… it seems that this problem is a documented one and there is a simple fix for it. You just copy and paste something inside Lyx. Now, pasting from outside Lyx works. Ha!! i could have guessed that…
The next problem came up when I tried to generate the pdf by pressing the red button. It produced an error message saying that the package esint.sty was missing. Now, I did want to get an output in the end. So, again a little bit of googling and I found the solution for that too. You just have to go to Document->Settings take the Math options and disable the option Use esint package automatically.

After that, everything went smoothly and in no time(around 5 days) the report was ready. AKP was also a major contributor to the report. I have posted the report here and for all the mistakes in there, one must admit, it looks very good. Anyway doing the report was a good way to learn a lot of things including the depths of my ignorance, unlike writing records for the LIC lab which is such a pain. Long live Latex and Lyx!



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