International Acclaim For NITC

The recent post of the now famous S6 computer science paper had led one guy (probably from D-hostel ) to post a comment in the name of our chief protagonist Bookea. The subsequent number of replies and visits has led to it being listed as “THE TOUGHEST QUESTION PAPER EVER” by google( try it). The IIT JEE hasnt even managed a spot in the same page.  CAT is close though.

I would now like to clear the air about something. The comment made in the name of Srinu N is most probably a fake. A lot of people had pointed out that the level of the language was way above his potential. Besides the ip address too seemed to indicate that the comment was made from one of the hostels. Therfore mister B shouldnt be accused of anything he hasnt done. He maybe somewhat … lets say, less wise than his contemporaries. But, he is not wicked. Anyway we all had a lot of fun crafting replies for the fake comment. Meanwhile I was watching with tears in my eyes as the number of hits skyrocketed to almost 150.


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