MDC as a career option

This time too, Microwave Devices and circuits was an utter disappointment for me. I just cant seem to get the hang of it. I was very much put off by it.

There arent any proper class notes on the subject and the text books were written before english was invented and then after english came along, all the people who had conspired to invent the subject had died-off. As a result its impossible to do anything with the subject other than mug up a few(actually… a lot!)  of equations and try and fool the teacher.

I was not feeling very good about this. But suddenly I happened to see a silver lining to this con businesss. It was that I too could exploit it. As per estimates released by M.Arun and Christo, there are only around three or four people remaining around the world who know MDC. So, I think that if I somehow manage to not get a job, I could try and get a job as an MDC teacher. Bacause I wont have any competitors, it will be a piece of cake for me. Besides no one is ever going to ask me any doubts or even whether I know anything( of course I will have to develop certain skills… like being ablte to belt out useless equations with non-existent greek alphabets whenever people start getting suspicious). But, that is an easy thing compared to working.

Because my blog has a readership of one, I am sure this idea is in pretty safe hands…. Now, I wouldnt want people to steal my idea, would I?


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