My Past one month

Today was the last day of my worst sessionals ever, and here I am wondering how things got so bad… After the last series I had made up my mind to not mess up this series as well. But somehow I just cant remember how the past one month went by. I feel as if the day I made up my mind to study well  had happened yesterday.

That said, I must say this though… The last month was one of the busiest and the most fun I have ever had. One week after last weeks exams was our branch tour to Kodaikanal and Athirapilly. It was an awesome trip and we all had great fun. All the planning and preparation for the tour by Kudiyan and Co. really paid off.

The only one in our gang who didnt come for the trip was Thumbi. It seems that he had a lot of sleep to catch up on… After the trip,  things started to move at warp speed. Suddenly it was time for the PSOC submission(15 Feb). I felt really bad that we hadnt finished our project. It seems that I not able to finish anything that I start. I am always very enthusiastic at the beginning, but when things start getting messy, I try to slip away. Anyway I should be able to kick that habit if I am to find a good job.

That same week(13) we had the FOSSMEET@NITC ’09. Kishore, Premanand, Rakesh etc.. had put in a lot of effort to put up a good show and it really paid off… But, unfortunately participation was not strong enough this year. It seems that publicity wasnt given enough importance. Anyway, I felt that the quality of the events this time around was better and also the level of the talks  were more suited to the target audience. Though the participation was weak this time, those people who turned up seemed to be more inspired up by the event. Anyway I will most probably put up a post on my experiences during the FOSSMEET.

The next most notable event that happened was the exams. Ans as expected, that was a bigger tragedy than all the past exams put together. But I am going to stop writing about them, as I dont think I want to remember them….


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