This is the first FOSSMEET that I have had a first hand experience of. And I must say it was much better than what I had expected. I got to meet a lot of people who were actively engaged with the FOSS community and was surprised by their drive and technical knowledge. Another thing that struck me about the speakers was that they all seemed to know each other and they were all having so much fun together.  It was a really inspiring thing to see and experience this FOSSMEET.

Infact, a few other people have also been greatly affected by this event. Sayuj was one guy who didnt know the first thing about FOSS before this event and now he is one of the most enthusiastic FOSS guys. A lot of other guys like Rajeev too have been able to discover a new aspect of this movement.

Some of the events that were:

Python – A 30 min flash class on the Python programming language followed by a hands-on workshop

Making fonts using inkscape and fontforge, again a workshop

Capturing and editing of digital video using Kino

Maintenance and recovery of linux systems using popular linux tools like gparted, clonedisk etc.

FOSS in business- This was one workshop that deserves special mention. The guy who conducted the talk was actually just an engineering graduate who was working on a low salary job. Then he suddenly had the idea of using open source enterprise resource planning tools to create custom made end-to-end solutions for big companies. Now his company is successful, and because he uses only open source tools and because he has only a small staff, his solutions are extremely cost-effective and he now has a number of international clients.

This is one example of  how the open source philosophy can help spawn new applications with minimal effort as no work that has already been done needs to be repeated.

Graphics editing using open source tools by a guy called Niyam Bushan.

Video conferencing with the chairman of Fedora Paul Friles

A ver interesting talk on blogging. – Here is piece of info that I learned at that talk. None of the content that we post on blog sites like wordpress belongs to us. It belongs to the service provider. It seems this condition is there in the terms of service. Only content posted on self hosted blogs belongs to us… interesting huh..?

There was also a sub event called FOSS@school

Then there was a workshop on using FOSS to do projects using an ATMEGA 8 board that was provided to the participants.

Some of the names that I remember are Aneewar, Sanjeev and Jamshed. I know the faces of a lot more guys, but I cant remember their names  …

There might have been some that I have missed and anyone who wants to point out any mistakes, please feel free to do so…

Kishore was the all in all of this FOSSMEET and he did a swell job of putting together everything.


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