A Rare Disease Called Linux

I guess its time I admitted something to myself before that something ruins me completely. I am an extraordinarily impulsive person and sometimes can act and make conclusions based on practically nothing. There is even a medical term for it. Those interested can google for it.
And I guess I am suffering from one of the symptoms now. I have Obsessive and compulsive “Linux”ation. It might take a while and a couple of system crashes for this thing to get sorted out. Meanwhile I might as well give in completely to this guilty pleasure while it lasts. Some of my latest victims including two of my father’s office computers and my own laptop. And meanwhile I have just taken another impulsive decision. I am going to start a blog to document my odyssey into the linux world so that I can relive the good moments when the whole thing blows over.
Meanwhile a lot of interesting and undocumented stuff is happening all around me and it seems that I might never be able to put it all down here… Should get going!!


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