Back With A Bang!!

Its been a long while since I posted something. Guess i cant stick to a routine for long…

A lot of things have happened in the past two months and i must say, most of them were nice. Remember my paranoid ranting about the exam results during last sem. Well, I am lucky that I dont have any prophetic inclinations… Last sem was my best ever and I was blown away by the results.

With that burst of good luck i thought that i might as well bask in the momentary glory for a while. I gave a treat to all my close friends in the erstwhile PCI(yeah… erstwhile, ’cause it got killed by back stabbing and  mutual distrust) and I also stopped everyone I saw on the first few days to tell them about my results. It was an awesome feeling. Maybe I should stop trying to not get good marks(lol).

On a more serious note, I think I know what makes or breaks your SGPA. Its the end sem. You do it well, and you will be atleast an 8  pointer if you did reasonably well in your sessionals. And thats what happened to me last time. It was the best end sem ever for me. I thank myself for that. It took an awful lot of effort for me. I worked hard and I got attendance shortages in 3 subjects. The DSP sir gave me an assignment and as I couldn’t copy it from anyone I had to copy it myself from the textbook. Those problems came for the exam and and I nailed them. LIC also helped me with a whopping S and a high grade for attendance ( a shortage of just 3 classes). So, now that I have the formula for success I am looking to replicate it in this sem as well. I am well on the way to mind blowing glory. Already all the teachers have had the opportunity to talk to me personally in class.

But there is just a small problem though, the labs. Our group for this sem is Me, AKP, Kudiyan and a silly girl. Because all of us have had “distinguished” experiences as far as lab work is concerned, I am slightly “perturbed”. Infact… that would be a minor understatement… I am scared as hell!!! Labs are never going to be the same again. I have never had to worry about any lab to date. There always used to be at least one person stupid enough to do all the work. But we are just a bunch of smart guys now. God help us!!

We also have several projects to worry about this sem. There is the min project, the PSOC IDC, and various lab projects. This is going to be one tough sem.


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