Another messed up Comm. Lab!!!

Last Tuesday was another nasty day at the Lab. We started out with a great deal of confidence which quickly deserted us when the first circuit for generation of DSBC with diodes failed spectacularly! Then of course we did what we are all so good at doing and quickly ripped out the circuit and when the Sir asked to see the output, we explained in vivid detail our dreams about how a DSBC wave should look like and how we couldnt wait to assemble our next circuit… The next circuit was another example of a “catastrophe”. I immediately put my thinking cap on and started “trouble-shooting” and quickly I achieved the complete annihilation of a potentiometer which we quickly threw away to avoid attracting Ali’s attention with the aroma of burning plastic and a CRO which seemed to have given up on us! That put an end to my experimentation and we copied the values from Gobind and showed it for getting the sign. This is the second time in a row that this story with minor variations is repeating. I just hope that we dont make a hattrick.

Speaking of lab disasters this one is worthy of recording for poserity… Last week, as usual Das’s group got a repeat and when they repeated, they again got a repeat. How poetic, isnt it? After failing for the second time Das was at his Desp best and told the others to go ahead and attend the next hour while he would stay behind and try once more. Haflway through the class Arjun recieved a call, “MAYDAY! MAYDAY!!! THERE IS A FIRE!! couphing…. I can’t see anything… I am choking! click!” And the line went dead., Eventually the lab assistants rescued him. Among the casulities where 7 LEDS, 2 FETS and a few other dozen things… As Das was contemplating the last unexploded LED, it too burst in his face.

Thus, came to a close one of the most “exciting” labs my friend had ever had… Caution:Slight exaggeration might have creeped into the story due to personal loss and consequent vindictiveness and jealousy.


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