Going Home tommorrow…(yipeee!!!)

There are only 2 hours on Thursday and Friday is Independance day. So, I will be going home tommorrow since I will be getting 4 days to spend at home then. I copied several new movies onto my laptop to watch when I get bored. But chances are that I wont get a moment to put my butt down and I will probably not watch even a single movie… unless…hmmm, wait!!! what if I bring my ipod back with me? I might be able to watch a couple of movies on the way here… Nah! Last time when I was coming to college, somebody stole my badminton racket( yeah, its true!).

 I was sitting on a bench and reading a newspaper with my bag and racket next to me. When I looked up after some time, I could not find the racket. I was really shaken then. You really cannot stand it when you realise that you have lost something again. You feel a sudden sense of overwhelming frustration, disappointment with yourself, fear and a feeling that goes something like, “why me??? or why the racket??” I immediately contacted the station police and notified them. I told them that I couldnt believe that somebody had stolen my racket. And, you know what they told me? That the thieves there might even steal your underwear, unless you are careful. They might have sold my 1000 rupee racket for as little as “a small” at a bar or something.  This incident happend on the 3rd. After loosing the racket, I was running around looking for it, and I couldnt get a seat on the train because of that. I had to stand for 2 hours because of that. All in all, it was one of the worst days in my life. well… not really! There have been worse days. But this incident was probably avoidable, had I gotten to the station 5 minutes earlier. I would have got the2 o clock train and I wouldnt have had to wait for 2 hours.

I suddenly felt like I should write about this incident just to remind myself to be more careful in the future( wishful thinking…). I think, I should probably write about all the bad days in my life… The only thing that stops me is the sheer number of these days. Sometimes, when I think about it, I feel that I have had more than my share of bad days. Maybe, its because I am forgetful  and somewhat disconnected from what happens around me. Infact, I am a solitary person. I love solitude and the feeling of perfect isolation, the kind when you feel that you are the only person in this world. I must try and be more aware of my surroundings…

Today, was one of those rare good days. I wasnt picked up in any of the classes and I got the output in the communications lab and better still I am now in Vineeth’s(pulimon) group. So, again I can go back to my lazy ways. I am now on a winning streak. One more day of success in the lab and I will have a hattrick! I dont know why, but I am in a very sullen mood now. But, thats probably nothing to worry about, after all, I have never seen anybody with a more rapidly changing mood than myself. I cant stop typing… Now, I understand why everybody writes blogs… its a perfectly effortless( and probably harmless too…) way of wasting ones time.

I shoud be signing out now… yawn!


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