Today was one big freak-out day!!! We had so much fun that I decided I should put it all down before I forget any of the details. Hope my parents dont see it.

We had MPMC lab today and we were given the questions 1 week back. But, due to the intense pressures of out academic life (if u dont get the joke, u probably arent an engineering student…) we had nearly forgotten about them until 2 hrs before the lab. Then of course the effects of years of engineering education kicked in and we immediately snatched our pen drives to get the programs from somebody (usually that someone refers to Pulimon ). Well, I was kinda feeling all confident with the pen drive in my hand and all. But when I got to the lab, I realised that some programs were missing and even the ones that were there werent working all too well. But my lab partner Sanjay, saved the day. He had asked the seniors for the compiler program and they gave it to him. As a bonus the folder also contained all the programs that we needed. Talk about divine providence!! We quickly passed it onto the others, and very soon everyone was busy renaming the files and compiling (We shouldnt expect any results without some effort!). The lab started at 2.00 and by 2.20, all the programs were renamed and compiled(phew! This is hard work…). By then I was having a headache. So, I asked the teacher to allow me a pee. Then I borrowed 10 moneys from Ramzan and went out. On the way I met Rakesh and he gave me some advice on how to handle a problem that cropped up yesterday(dont worry, u will get to read about that too). We started walking and after sometime we got to the MC. Then, I had a coffee, washed my face and walked back. When I got back, I found our group ready. So I decided to pay a visit to Shamil. He was feeling unusually brave and was attempting to write a program on his own. Well, he is the most persistent guy you will ever see. Never stops attempting. I told him that the programs that Sanjay managed to obtain had been passed on, over the generations and its true origins are more or less unknown. Maybe God gave it on stone tablets to some desperate bloke on top of a mountain or something. I succeeded in convincing him, and he soon gave up. Then we had a hearty laugh about this whole “lab” thing. Soon, we decided that the names were unique enough and we decided it was time for submission. For the submission, I was standing to one side and Sanjay was demonstrating the programs. Suddenly, the Mtech guy asked to see the program. When he saw the program that made the screen look a dirty a shade of green, he asked Sanjay to explain the program. He suddenly went pale and told him that Sabu did the program. He looked my way, and found me seriously contemplating the dust on the fan blades. He quickly got the idea and decided to move on to another program. This time Sanjay employed more subtle techniques to let him know that we werent interested in parting with any information regarding the inner workings of the program. Who knows… we might even be setting a bad precedent!!! Then, we got the sign and left.

Then we found Dhanraj Sir in his room and had another half an hour of fun. I will put it down in another post perhaps.


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