Treasure Hunt

Yesterday, the adventure club in our college put up a treasure hunt on our college campus. We all, were in groups of 5. Our group was Me, Gokul, Arjun, Febin and Gobind. Gokul was made the team leader because of his general uselessness, Arjun and Gobind the clue solvers, Febin the runner and me, the …. its a bit difficult to describe actually, I was kinda the all-in-all of the group(hope u dont get the idea!). Anyway it was an awesome event and I really enjoyed it. Every group was given one clue initially and they had to solve it, to get to the next location and get a new clue. There were a total of something like 8 clues. The clues were all a lot of fun to figure out and the best part was the running around between the locations. The teamspirit and feeling of togetherness were also truly memorable. The fact that we didnt win is of course regrettable, we were actually this close to winning(we were just the second last group to get the last clue). But, blame it all on Bhakthi.

The one thing that NITC can be truly proud of is the large number of events that are put up by the various clubs. Though I am not much of a participant, I fully appreciate the role they play in shaping our personalities. Maybe that is the only thing that many of us might gain out of our 4 years of engineering studies. Well, I am really looking forward to more team events like these.


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