Useless Drivel

Today was an awesome day for me. I wasnt picked up in any of the classes, including Evnviro(yeah, its true) and we got the output in the lab. The last thing was truly special for me because our group was the least academically endowed one and yet we finished first… Better  still, I understood the experiment. Gotta remember that for the rest of my life. And of course I started  my blog.

 Then I and Thumbi had a long walk during which we did our usual routine of blaming our system for our poor perfomance and I was consoled a bit. Somehow, I get a nagging feeling that very soon I might be unable to catch up with all that I have been missing. Then I might have to join Infosys. (brrr… )

I cant still bring myself to learn anything useful. So, I am going to install Linux. That should take care of all my extra time. Right now everything is working very well on my computer. Somehow that doesnt vibe with me. My policy is, If it aint broken, tweak it till it breaks. So long, its served me well. Long live Linux! Today, somehow everything seems very light to me. I hope i will be able to snap out of it some time soon and get serious before the exams(preferably at least 12 hours before). Its past midnight now. Got to get some sleep. If you are groggy in class, it affects your efforts at transcendntal meditation. Somehow, you cannot get to the state of perfect mental isolation and general stupidity that goes along with it, if you just fall down and go to sleep. Actually, classes are like alcochol, a little bit makes everything fun, but have too much of it, u might just loose consciousness especially if you are groggy.

Today Bhakthi(yes the giant prick.) called me China Sabu. That wasnt the kindest thing that he has ever said. Someday, I am going to put down my views on the India-China comparison thing on this blog… I hope it will be good enough to take the gas out of his pseudo-patriotism that depends of being unaware of the facts, instead of trying to understand why things dont work and doing what we can to resolve it.

Well, I am too sleepy and nothing seems to make sense. Pardon the unconnected bunch of sentences… Maybe I will get better tomorrow( a clever ploy to make you get back).


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