My First (and probably the last) post!!!

Well, I really dont know what to write in my first post… after all this is the one post that probably will decide the future readership of this blog and I know that unless I try and be funny no one is ever going to want to return. Its really awkward when you “want” to be funny. After all being funny is all about being natural and its very diffcult thing for ordinary people to act natural and still be funny at the same time. So, I will just forget about trying to be funny and just describe the bunch of great friends that I have. Its been said that a guy can be judged by the type of friends he keeps( hope that isnt true….).

I might as well start with the guy who introduced me to blogging-Kishore( alias Thrissur Thumbi). He is a big mean guy with an intimidating moustache and a diabolic smirk on his face all the time. Most of the time, he is trying to figure out a way to spread anarchism and destroy the current world order using Linux. He also spends his spare time trying to kill other ordinary people with his constant drivel about the new “free” linux screensaver that can display fish on your desktop or why everybody should be joining Greenpeace. Apart from that he is also an awesome demotivator and can easily help suicidal guys by motivating them them to make “the decision” quickly. But, he is still a great guy to have around and a great help to kill the time in the classes.  My other friend Gokul( Bahkthi) is a prominent gay rights activist and is good for particularly nothing except when you want a pain in your ass(Yeah… Pun intended).  But he is a good to debate with and is also very helpful. Febin(Kudiyan) and Arjun(Pindam) are the other two very interesting guys I might want to write about. I will  do that on some other day, when I have nothing else to ramble about. And trust me, thats going to happen soon enough.

Guess that will do for my first post. Well, this really is fun. I am going to get back to writing useless things after I grab a bite…


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